Diva’s Fashion Roundup: March

Seeing as it’s not quite time to pull out the Spring/Summer 2013 appropriate clothing (though it probably never will be, knowing the UK), my top fashion reads this month are all about fun things that aren’t weather reliant, i.e. no summer dress features.

  1. http://alexloves.com/2013/03/fashion-books/

I love a good coffee table book, me. Especially ones about fashion. Looks like Alex does too…

  1. http://www.itsaldnthing.com/2013/03/stila-ss13-range-uv-lip-colour-turquoise-stay-all-day-liner.html

…because you can wear makeup come rain or shine!

Woman laying down reading a book

  1. http://www.shinythoughts.net/2013/03/thornback-and-peel-screen-printing-workshop/

I’m lucky enough to count Lucy from Shiny Thoughts among real life friends, so I know she’s good at these artsy and crafty sorts of things. Check out her screen printing cushions in her latest blog post.

  1. http://www.styleslicker.com/2013/03/18/dior-x-harrods/

Whilst some of us are sitting on the number 47 bus and tweeting our relationship-related woes, (Me? Never!) others are attending fancy Dior events. Delightful.

Feel free to contribute to the list in the comments below!

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