Stars in their eyes – when is it ok to date someone famous?

Before I begin, and before any of you get excited, waiting for a nice The Sun-sized helping of gossip from the inside, I’m going to let you know that just isn’t going to happen. I’ll refer to real-life examples, and the elusive celebs mentioned are real, but I’ll not name them for legal reasons, pride, and the fact that I’m referencing a lot of people I know in real life. You’re lucky I’m even writing this…With that out the way, what I’ll be on about is the idea of dating a celebrity – whether out of sheer love and affection or a career or financially beneficial move.

I’m sure most of us remember a time when our parents joked about us girls “finding a rich husband”. Then came the whole WAG thing, with young ladies in their late teens hanging out at Mahiki and Whisky Mist (sigh), dressed to the nines, hoping they could score (excuse the pun) a fella straight out of the Premier League. The fact is there’s always been this whole ‘aspirational’ relationship thing present in society.

Man and woman in wedding attire holding suitcases of money

Now I know a few people who, despite probably having honourable intentions, have “levelled up” as a result of becoming involved with a familiar face. Two of them, both close friends, saw their careers shoot up massively after dating someone in the same line of work who was a lot more well known than they were. Another has become involved with someone from an entirely different walk of life – I’m not just talking rich or famous, but powerful too – and now enjoys several private jet journeys a month, among other things I can’t and wouldn’t even detail.

But all this has come with changes in lifestyle – seeing family and friends less and being under a lot more scrutiny than ever before. Seeing all of this happen has made me wonder – would it be worth it?

I’ve spoken to a few young girls who say it’s their ambition to marry a rock star, but who, upon further questioning, don’t even know their future hubbies’ last names. The question I’m asking is: is it wrong to use a relationship to benefit personally in addition to enjoying someone else’s company on a regular basis? Note the “in addition” – I’m not referring to cold-blooded gold-diggers here.

Is there really a problem with it? I, for one, think that it shouldn’t be frowned upon if you’re aware of how ‘teaming up’ with someone else will improve other aspects of your life – if you genuinely do have feelings for the person.

I think it would be fantastic to discuss and debate this in more detail, so don’t be afraid to chip in your two cents…

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