Where in the world are you?

It’s a myth that it’s easy to meet single people. Or at least it just doesn’t seem to exist as a part of my own reality. Everyone I’m ever attracted to seems to have a partner. Worse still, all the other halves are my friends. I now exist in an extended network that consists mainly of couples.

Which leaves the single girl a bit bored.

So when your social circle isn’t a place to look, where do you go to find other like-minded single people to potentially date?

I’ve never tried online dating myself (I think I will at some point, and do a blog diary to keep you all updated), but in my current situation it really is sounding like the best bet. You get to browse through photos of people, look at their hobbies… dating websites these days will even do the hard work for you and suggest matches based on your own personal information. I think they’re brilliant.

So, in the meantime, where does one go to meet people the same age, with similar interests, in real life?

A friend of mine explained that you shouldn’t actually look. Apparently, good things come to those who wait…. I just want to quantify that waiting period because it feels like it’s been a HELL OF A LONG TIME.

Here are some tips I’ve gathered:

1. When sitting in a coffee shop, greet anyone you find attractive with a smile

Any freelancers will know that coffee shops make second homes when you’ve got deadlines. The only problem is I’m usually far too engrossed in whatever it is I’ve got up on my laptop screen to even notice everyone that walks in – let alone consider whether or not I think they look interesting and break out a smile for them. Worth a go, though!

Mug with heart handle

2. Try speed dating

Oh deeear. To be frank, I don’t want anything about getting to know someone to be ‘speedy’. Think about the times when you’ve misjudged a character on first impressions then completely changed your opinion of them!

3. Say hello to people on the tube

Now this one I really want to try. If you’re not familiar with the London Underground, you need to be aware of the unwritten rule that is not making eye contact with or talking to any fellow passengers. It really throws me off if someone says hello when I’m on the Jubilee line going home. Overcome the initial awkwardness and you couldn’t possibly have anything more to worry about.

Where do you guys go to meet people? It’s definitely a tricky one, but I’m going to begin being more social outside of my own friendship group.

Only time will tell…

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3 thoughts on “Where in the world are you?

  1. I was literally talking to one of my girl friends about this last night. My group of friends consist of people I’ve known since at least from high school (some longer) and I hang out with that practically every weekend. So the question I posed to my friend was “how am I supposed to find somebody if I’m around the same people every weekend?” She couldn’t answer and neither could I.

    I wish I could answer your question. The difference between you and I though, is that I’ve been doing the whole online dating thing and I still haven’t met anybody worthwhile! haha.

    I am going speed dating tomorrow as well. So let’s see how that works out. I do agree with you though that sometimes first impressions aren’t all that correct.

    All in all…I can’t tell you where you can meet single people. If you figure it out, please let me know! haha

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