Resolutions love list

From keeping fit to eating better and from working harder to relaxing more, January was a month of New Year’s resolutions. I sincerely hope you’re all still on track with yours, so I’ve made this love list resolution-themed and included a few things that might help you continue to see success.

Nutrition scales
Weight loss is probably the goal I hear the most, and one of the hardest, longest struggles for many men and women. I came across one of these nutrition scales whilst browsing my local supermarket. Enter the numeric nutrition details per 100g and the scales will work out the calorie content of what you’re eating. No more guesswork!

Silver nutrition scales

Running shoes
Working out/exercising/training – whatever you want to call it, getting active in some way is again one of the most common resolutions we make as a nation. I’m loving these running shoes by super cool skate brand DC, and in true keeping with the spirit of January, they’re on sale at just £39.00.

Grey and Yellow DC running shoe
Which leads on nicely to my next pick:

Budgeting apps
I was going to mention a specific one, but I haven’t yet experimented with any for long enough to pick a favourite. The important thing is to let you know in general terms how useful they are in helping you to save money – there’s even an app that works out your average daily spend. (Those morning coffees really do add up.)

Netbooks and tablets
They’re making an appearance on my Love List because throughout January it felt like I had something to type round the clock. These more compact computers mean I can fully utilise the ridiculous amount of time I spend on the tube and achieve way more during the commute than listening to my favourite song on repeat.

Scented candles from The White Company
I’m also loving these scented candles. My personal new year’s resolution was to spend a little more time relaxing – a difficult one for a busy bee. But popping a few scented candles around the bath and having a nice long soak really helps me unwind.

White scented candle

Beanie hats
Another must-have for the colder months of the year. There’s no point doing your hair for a date and having your style blown to bits by gale-force winds, so I keep it neatly under a warm hat. (Hat hair isn’t fun, though, so carry a comb in case things get a bit dislodged under there.) This one counts as ‘looking after yourself’ – keeping warm is essential!

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