We need to talk. About your MUggs.

Girls, ladies, gentlewomen; we seem to be facing a most catastrophic and unfortunate pandemic on the streets of the United Kingdom. Young men in every town are making rash, unconsidered decisions and we are all having to face the ugly consequences.Spurred by a recent bout of snow and the generally awful British weather, it seems that men have forgotten some of the style laws of the land.Ladies, men everywhere are wearing Ugg boots.MUggs, are they ever OK for men to wear? NO


What the hell is going on!?

Now, before anyone jumps in to defend the sheepskin slippers – yes, slippers – I own both a pair of the tall boots and a pair of what Ugg actually market as slippers. I know how warm they are and how they keep your toes nice and toasty when you come out of the shower, or pop downstairs to take the rubbish out.

They’re perfect for wearing round the house in the winter, or in between takes when I’m on set, filming a music video in the cold for 13 hours. But I’m also aware of how bad they look… oh and they look bad. On pretty much everyone. Especially men.

Yes, I said it. There’s something about the female form that means an attractive, healthy woman with exceptional legs might just (maybe) look (possibly) good (perhaps, sort of) in some Ugg boots. MAYBE.

But I’m seeing more males in these monstrosities than women now. I’ve seen some horrendous cases – baggy jeans tucked in, black Uggs under tracksuit bottoms, Uggs with shorts!?

So it’s snowed a little. Do you think city workers suddenly throw all logic out of the window and start wearing their bedslippers on their morning commutes? Or putting plastic bags on their feet? Give a little thought to chic! The fact of the matter is: there’s just no need.

Here a few alternatives, guys…

Lace-up boots: Doc Martens, hiking boots, wellington boots. You name it, they probably keep you drier and looking a LOT better than Ugg boots ever will.

Trainers: Not appropriate for all situations, but definitely better than Ugg boots! Just as comfy, better for your feet and you can find some pretty understated ones with a sports-luxe feel if you look hard enough!

Double socks with your loafers or brogues: Probably the oldest trick in the book, but it makes the world of difference. Two pairs of socks is definitely better than one. Girls, the same applies for tights – double up and stay warm this winter.

So, boys, if you’re even beginning to think about ‘investing’ in a pair of Uggs to wear, take a moment to weigh up the pros and cons. I guarantee you’ll reconsider.

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