Wardrobe malfunctions

The name Judy Finnegan might not instantly conjure up a face in your head, but mention the words ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’ and ‘Television Awards’ and pretty much anyone born before 1994 will know exactly who you’re talking about.

My point is: people remember wardrobe malfunctions. More than what you’ve said, more than that amazing hairstyle you spent an hour working on, more than a lot of things.

If your top falls down or your skirt blows up mid-sentence, you may as well have not started it at all. It’s not a serious thing if you laugh it off and resume dating fun, but a wardrobe malfunction is something I’d definitely rather avoid than have to deal with.

Here are a few of the most infamous disasters us girls are at risk of, and a few cunning ways to battle them…

Dating advice - fashion faux pas

The Monroe mishap

Named after what is possibly the most famous wardrobe malfunction of all time, the Marilyn Monroe skirt-meets-air-vent malfunction can happen to the best of us. I myself have fallen victim – ever noticed how windy it gets on the underground as a train approaches? Yeah, that and summer dresses aren’t the best combination. Make like the movie star and ensure you’re covered up underneath if you’re wearing anything short and floaty – shorts, big 50s-style pants or a more fitted mini will do the trick.

The nip slip

This one’s self-explanatory, and probably one of the most embarrassing of them all! You’re wearing something oversized, ill-fitted or a garment with a daring neckline. All is going swimmingly, until your chest decides to make a break for freedom, cued by a sudden movement. If you really must wear a risky outfit, invest in some ‘tit-tape’ and secure things where they ought to be.

The sheer-mare

Most dates take place in the evening, and as a result, so does most getting ready for dates. The only problem with this is, unless the lighting in your bedroom/bathroom/wherever you dress yourself is perfect, you might get caught out by how your choice of clothing appears under a spotlight in a restaurant or bar. The sheer shirt trend that’s evolved into a wardrobe staple makes for simple chic, but make sure you’re wearing the appropriate undergarments to hide your dignity.

Snap goes the heel

I’m not going to mince my words here. If your date involves drinking and you’re wearing heels, make sure you’ve got a spare pair of flats with you. Seriously, even if you’re ‘just having the one glass’, it’s far too easy to trip, slip or flip your way to a non-functioning shoe. You probably will be fine, but I guarantee it’ll be the one time you decide to ‘pack light’ that you’ll be needing that comfy alternative footwear.

Girls, take the precautions, reap the ‘date running smoothly’ rewards.

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