Dates with a difference

Sometimes you shouldn’t mess with tradition. First dates, for example, are probably best kept to dinners or drinks out. These dates are easy to organise and can take place in as casual or as fancy a setting as you like – not to mention the fact that a meal in a restaurant is probably the best opportunity you’re going to get to have an extended conversation with your date to find out more about them at this early stage in the (possible) relationship.Now, I like dates and I like alcohol, but if I had a pound for every “Let’s go for a drink” text/Facebook/WhatsApp/paper aeroplane message I’d ever received, I’d probably have enough money to buy a bar myself.If and when it’s ‘third-date-o’clock’, sometimes you’ve got to think outside the box. Not massively outside – you still want to be in reaching distance of it – but perhaps try floating just above one of the corners.Of course, this can be tricky when (A) you might still not know your date that well and (B) well, coming up with some fantastic, fun yet out of the ordinary date idea is damn difficult.

But as your new Dating Diva, I’m here to help with this sort of thing. So I’ve put together a list of tips and suggestions to help inspire you to come up with some non-textbook date ideas that are sure to impress*.

Date ideas with a difference - wine tasting
1. Wine tasting

A slightly more interesting, more cultured take on the wine-bar date. If you’ve never been before and aren’t really into it, you can always just go somewhere you don’t have to spit out the beverage afterwards.

2. Get on a train

Tell your date to pack an overnight bag and then head to the train station together. Look at the departures board and choose your spontaneous love nest for the weekend. Book your accommodation on the way (or maybe on the way to the station to be on the safe side!)

3. Ice skating (as long as it isn’t Christmas)

I don’t know about you guys, but I love ice skating. Except for when you have to put up with an ice rink packed with other couples, hand in hand…

4. Try to blag your way into an event

Try this at your own risk, and perhaps give it a miss if you’re date isn’t very adventurous, but attempting to talk your way into an event is quite fun – especially if you pull it off. ‘Exclusive’ media parties, gigs, after-show events – there’s always a guest list, and even if it doesn’t work, you can always pop out for a meal instead.

5. Double date

If you feel at ease in a group of friends, double dating can be a fun, alternative way to spend time with your lover, just make sure you pick the other couple wisely – and no exes!

*Most of the ideas aren’t too extreme at all actually – mere variations on what I like to call the ‘love game standards’. Others are slightly riskier, but if you pull them off, they’re winners. You can thank me later…

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